Protect Your Business And Your Clients With A DBS Check

If you’re going to bring an individual into your organisation, it’s important to know with complete certainty that this person is bringing positive benefits and is not carrying potential for problems that could impact your operation. To get these results, you can turn to specialists who can produce a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) report that checks the criminal record of employees and potential employees.

Specifically, this background check ascertains whether the individual is suitable to work with vulnerable adults and children. For certain professional positions, a valid DBS disclosure is required by legislation. This same DBS office maintains a list of individuals who are barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. Since 2009, employers, social services, and others have been obligated to notify the DBS of information relevant to these situations and individuals. In addition, it is a criminal offence for barred individuals to apply for certain positions and for employers to knowingly employ them.

Requirements Vary

As an employer or organisation manager, it’s essential for you to have expert assistance in this area because requirements for DBS disclosure vary from one organisation to another. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who work in this sector on a regular basis and offer background checking services for UK businesses and around the world.

Detailed reports give you a complete understanding of the background of a potential employee so that you can bring honest and reliable people to your staff and reduce your risk. When you make a DBS application, you’ll put a team to work for you. They’ll use a thorough vetting and screening process that covers such aspects as social media presence, employer checks, and criminal record checks. This process is possible because of the best data intelligence systems available.

As mentioned, it’s more than important to find out if your potential employee is suitable for work with your organisation. You can request a Basic DBS Disclosure without industry sector restrictions. This is essential for any pre-employment screening process. You also have access to Enhanced DBS checks, which are especially important when the individual will be working with children and vulnerable adults. This check level helps identify both spent and unspent convictions.

International and More

These specialists can also provide International DBS checks, which means that you can have access to important information on potential employees outside of the UK. If you make regular or multiple applications, you may also qualify for significant discounts. When you contact a representative, you can choose to order a DBS disclosure for someone who will be a volunteer. You can also request basic, standard, and enhanced disclosure.

If your specific situation won’t be adequately served by one of the offered packages, you can work with a member of the staff to combine services and create a unique package. You have an array of services available including employment checks, tenant screening, financial checks, and criminal record checks.

The list includes insurance fraud checks, pre-sue reports, tracing, social media reports, documentation checks, pre-employment checks, and more. When it’s time to bring new individuals to your staff, use these special services and be sure.

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