Keeping your pet healthy in the new year

It’s another new year and the most favourite person in your life needs as much quality care and attention as last year. Let’s make a list of things to do during the next couple of months so that will ensure your pet remains a happy camper.

Your pets need the best quality food you can afford. Choose pet food from quality pet stores and be watchful of their fat and carbohydrate consumption. Don’t give them chicken or pork bones and throw away grease drippings. Neither humans nor animals should eat too much saturated fat.

Therapy Dogs at Work at Franklin Regional High SchoolYour pet needs and enjoys exercise as much as we need and enjoy it. Get a leash – for your pet – and get yourself some good running shoes. That’s all you need – besides the obligatory hat and sunscreen – to take Fluffy out for a walk. Try to do this 5 times a week if at all possible. You may even want to take some toys along with you..

Take your pet to the local vet for prompt checkups. Young pets only really need yearly exams; older pets need to see a vet twice a year to prevent certain illnesses. Also send your older pet to have laboratory work done on. Do this at least once a year. Indoor pets may not be exposed to as many germs as pets who are outside all day but they can still be susceptible to diseases. So remember to vaccinate.

You probably don’t want any extra cats or dogs running around demanding care, attention and food. So have your pet spayed or neutered. This not only helps to prevent unnecessary little ones, it also helps to prevent multiple tumours and infections. Spaying or neutering animals help to reduce their fighting instinct and will help to make them stay put.

Your pet’s dental health is as important as their other health aspects – this is one of the most serious pet killers and it is a pity that not enough pet owners know about this. Keep your pet’s mouth clean by brushing the teeth: mouth infections can end up poisoning the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Keep your pet’s coat glossy and neat by grooming it regularly. Your pet will enjoy the attention lavished on it and you’ll get an opportunity to look for anything irregular in the pet’s appearance: growths, pain in certain areas, or ear infections.

Obedience training is a god-send for both you and your pet: it could save their live. Some pets are hyper-active and could yank loose when you least expect it. By using the techniques from dog obedience ‘school’, you can regain control of the situation and prevent a lot of damage.

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Bow Wow Pet Health Insurance wrote this article for anyone who’s interested in how to have healthy pets.